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Roster of Original Yell Rifles

General Patrick Cleburne
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Roster of Original Yell Rifles
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Roster of the Original Yell Rifles 



Cleburne, Patrick Ronayne—Captain

Promoted colonel, brigadier-general and major-genera

Killed in action at Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864.


Cowley, Edward H—First Lieutenant; promoted captain.


Langford, James F—Second Lieutenant; discharged, did not enter Confederate service.


Polk, Lucius Eugene—Third Lieutenant

Promoted first lieutenant

Promoted colonel, 15th Arkansas Infantry

Appointed brigadier-general

Wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, June 10, 1864.


Non Commissioned Officers


Mangum, Leonard Henderson—First Sergeant; wounded at Shiloh.

Terry, John F—Second Sergeant

Clopton, James W—Third Sergeant.

Taylor, Phillip H—Fourth Sergeant.

Bailey, Ralph N—Fifth Sergeant.

Elliott, Quinton H—First Corporal.

Lambert, Alexander P—Second Corporal.

Barksdale, Robert E—Fourth Corporal.


Enlisted men


Bailey, Charles H—Private.

Barlow, J C—Private

Blankenship, Willis P—Private.

Blount, Francis B—Private.

Booth, Robert P—Private.

Brodnax, William G—Private.

Brown, James M—Private.

Burgess, Vardry M—Private

Carr, H L—Private

Chandler, Charles P—Private.

Clark, M B L—Private

Dade, Louis G—Private.

Delaney, Thomas J—Private.

Dodge, Lemuel P—Private

Dowty, Thomas J—Private.

Duval, Elmore D—Private.

Edmondson, William—Private.

Essop, John W—Private.

Gilbreath, David M—Private.

Gillen, James—Private.

Goff, J—Private

Gray, James C—Private.

Green, John—Private.

Hall, J W—Private

Hall, James P—Private.

Harrison, Thomas—Private.

Hickey, Preston G—Private.

Hicks, Malcomb L—Private.

Hill, William A B—Private.

Jackson, Owen T—Private.

Jones, Thompson L—Private.

Kendall, Joseph W—Private.

King, Stanhope H—Private

Kinsey, William H—Private.

Knowlton, Robert—Private.

Langford, Robert C—Private

Langford, William H—Private

Lemon, Joseph—Private.

Littell, Philander—Private.

Locke, William J—Private

McCrary, Francis O—Private.

McGonigle, James H—Private.

Moncrief, Thomas B—Private

Moore, Charles L—Private

Moore, Peter—Private.

Morrison, William H—Private.

Mulkey, James I—Private.

Murphy, James M—Private.

Newman, Joshua—Private.

O’Neil, Samuel—Private.

Pearce, William H—Private.

Phillips, Stephen H—Private.

Quarte, Angus—Private.

Randle, Angus P—Private.

Ross, Canada—Private

Ross, James A—Private.

Rambo, Parmeseas F—Private.

Sale, George W—Private.

Sale, Henry A—Private.

Sale, Melville W—Private.

Scott, Arthur M—Private.

Sellers, William W—Private.

Simpson, David H—Private.

Smith, Henry H—Private.

Smith, Henry L—Private.

Smith, John W L—Private.

Smith, Moses E—Private.

Stansell, J Walker—Private

Stone, William H—Private.

Thorn, Thomas S—Private.

Tollison, William P—Private.

Wellborn, Elias—Private.

West, John H—Private.

Yerby, Robert N—Private.

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