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3rd Arkansas 2006

We are a Civil War Reenactment Group based in New Jersey. We portray the 3rd Arkansas Company A, "The Arkansas Travelers," Army of Northern Virginia.   We also portray the 1/15th Arkansas Company C, "Yell Rifles," Army of Tennessee.  We are proud to be part of Company  C of the Chesapeake Volunteer Guards.  

Flag of 3rd Arkansas

We invite and encourage all to join our group and learn and enjoy history. Come and experience the life of an average soldier in the War Between the States. We are dedicated to preserving the memories of those brave men by honorably portraying them. We will assist you with information on these units and the War Between the States. Our members will help you obtain the proper equipment and training.

We are available for School Programs, Living Histories, Parades, Reenactments, Fund raisers, Films or any thing which promotes a positive image of the average Civil War soldier.

Colonel Van Manning

The Memory of those brave men cannot be expressed in words alone. Come join our family to preserve their  honor.

3rd Arkansas 1861



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