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3rd Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Company A - Civil War Reenactment Group

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As a member of the Eighth Battalion,  1st Division of the Army of Northern Virginia, we use the 1862 Revised version of Hardee's Tactics.  Below are drill links to help our new members.

Drill Network

Hardee's Revised 1862 Version

Drill links with moving diagrams.   

School of the Company

By Company into Line SoC 153

On the Right by file into line SoC 148

By platoon right wheel, March SoC 171

Break into platoons form company

In four ranks undouble files, March SoC 329

School of the Battalion

Battalion formation

By Company left wheel SoB 403

On the right by company into line SoB 735

Forward into Line, by company left half wheel SoB 440

By companies right wheel

By the right of companies to the rear into column

Close column by companies on the first company

By the right of companies to the front

Into line faced to the rear

Change front forward

Change front to the rear

Oblique change of front